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electrical resistance measurement

TQC has provided a common unit for resistance measurement for a variety of projects. This module provides a cost-effective method of process checking the resistance value of an integral component in an assembly.

Successful application to date are:

To verify integrated variable reluctance speed sensor mounted within an internal combustion turbocharger assembly.

electrical resistance measurement unit

To verify both diesel and petrol engine injector harness wiring and injector type.
Final resistance value of electric windings prior to varnish impregnation.
Final assembly checks on windscreen wiper motors and harnesses.
After final assembly, check the continuity of headlamps complete with bulbs.

The unit can be configured to operate over a very wide range of resistance values, and where necessary be provided with special connection blocks to directly interface to most types of connectors used on either components or harnesses. The unit can be connected to external controls, lamps, audible warning devices and PLC control systems to fully integrate into the production line environment.

windscreen wiper assembly measured by TQC

sender assembly measured by TQC

Windscreen Wiper Assembly Automotive Sender Assembly

The test facility consists of a rugged metal enclosure fitted with an intelligent panel meter, which reads the resistance present at a dedicated interface connector. Four volt free contacts will determine a pass band on a typical resistance value.

The interface connector is connected to the instrument by 5m of flexible conduit and the mains supply and volt free contacts are via 20mm gland holes in the rear panel of the instrument. All connections are via Din terminals at the rear of the unit.

If the component passes the test, the volt free contacts will close; at all other times they will remain open circuit. The set points are manually adjustable.

The test is performed continuously, hence the pass condition will only occur if the resistance falls between the high and low set points. Under normal operating conditions, no resetting of the resistance meter should be necessary.

measurement & test equipment capabilities

TQC combines extensive experience with a modular approach. The best modern data capture methods and proven software techniques are engineered into your production environment to provide reliable and easily maintainable measurement or test equipment.


Noise and vibration


Distance and rotation


Inductance and capacitance





Flow Pressure
Temperature Force

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